I saw a photograph of someone painting today, and it’s beautiful to imagine the countless brush strokes that make up a completed work of art. Then, as I went to write on a blank page of my journal, I realized it isn’t so different from that. Some people translate their thoughts into pictures and visuals, while others translate them into words. Some do both.

Each pen stroke is creating the whole picture. They build up and come together to create something new. Each letter, word and sentence uniting to display their meaning, at the will of the artist a.k.a. author.

Imagine for a second that letters had no meaning, that they’re simple shapes and forms on paper. It’s hard for us to do with our letters, but it becomes easy with other alphabets.

I like to see that as art. But then again, so is our words.

In a world where some are creators and the rest consumers, give a shot at creating. It’s not just for some. Don’t give up because of that lie.

I bet you that if you tie your hair back, or roll up your sleeves, and just start, you could surprise even yourself.

Take the things you like, the things you count as important, the things you’re passionate about, the things that can inspire others; it can be anything.

A few examples from a very special diverse group of friends: baking (n), drawing (a), animating (s), designing (a), business plans (d), architectural models (c), photographing (k), the body’s anatomy (a), music, etc. etc. etc.

Out of all these can come ideas never ever seen before (don’t underestimate that, it’s insane that it’s still possible!)

1)Don’t believe creativity is only for some. 2)Don’t limit yourself to labels.

Maybe everyone always associates you with something, everyone knows you’re good at it, maybe it’s the title of your career. But there’s so much more to who you are. In fact, there should be a whole list for each of them in the examples above. Don’t be scared to look at the more hidden abilities too.

It may not be so clear what I’m encouraging you to do, and it varies for each person who reads this. What I mean is… do whatever comes to your mind when you hear the word





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